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Advance Therapy Tools

CI Advance Therapy Tools


Benik is a two piece vest with straps at the shoulders, sides and crotch to provide for maximum adjustment. Benik provides upper trunk support and deep pressure proprioceptive input. Deep pressure is often used to assist the child to self-calm and relax so that sensory stimulus can be processed, while also providing feedback to joints and the central nervous system.

Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT)

Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) is an intervention that can be used to increase use in a weaker extremity. Within the pediatric population you will utilize a type of restraint, which is typically a cast, on the strong extremity. Through restraining the stronger extremity, it encourages the use of the weaker extremity to build pathways to support neuroplasticity and increase the spontaneous use of the weaker side. CIMT can be implemented as an intensive program in a 4-3 week program for 3-4 hours. Within the last week/ last day of an intensive program the cast could be taken off to work on bimanual activities.

Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI)

Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI) is a comprehensive intervention that incorporates current research on neurorehabilitation, technologies, and methodologies.  This therapeutic technique is used by physical and occupational therapists to treat children with gross motor impairments by improving and/or provoking a desired action with great emphasis on alignment, sensory integration, and function.  The goal is to promote progress toward developmental milestones and improve functional movements such as rolling, sitting, standing, and walking.  The goal of DMI is for your child to move independently.  With this being said, no other equipment other than the box set and table are used.  Candidates for DMI include children diagnosed with any type of motor delay including but not limited to conditions such as: Down Syndrome, Cerebral palsy, global developmental delay, hypotonia, chromosomal abnormalities/genetic disorders, spinal cord lesions or acquired brain injury may benefit from this form of therapy.  Each child seen at CI is unique and presents with different abilities.  DMI can be combined with other therapy techniques and equipment already utilized at CI such as Intensive Model of Therapy (IMOT), Therasuit®, and Universal Exercise Unit.  DMI allows our therapists to create individualized programs that can be implemented at the clinic and at home through a home exercise plan.

Galileo Vibration Platform

Galileo Vibration Platform: The Galileo Vibration Plate utilizes whole body vibration (WBV) to achieve a variety of musculoskeletal benefits. As the plate vibrates at frequencies ranging from 5-30 Hz, energy is passed on to the child’s muscles resulting in a very high number of contraction-relaxation cycles every second. The benefits of WBV include reduced spasticity, greater stretch of tight muscles, improved balance and coordination, and increased strength. The Galileo Vibration Plate can be used by children of all abilities, as the child may be standing upright, sitting, kneeling, or lying on the platform as it vibrates.  

Gait Trainers

Gait trainers are a type of assistive device similar to walkers. However, they are supportive enough to be used with children who require assistance to stand or walk. This allows children to work on walking and exploring their environment without being dependent on someone else. Most gait trainers can be modified to provide more or less support and can be beneficial for children with varying levels of ability.

Kinesio Tape

Kinesio tape can be used to help improve muscle function, sensory awareness, increase range of motion, decrease muscle fatigue, improve postural alignment/ balance and re-educate muscles. Kinesio tape is made of a cotton blend and is latex free. The tape is applied to the skin in a specific pattern and tightness that helps to target goal areas. During Advance sessions this method can be used to assist with heel strike during ambulation, to decrease hyperextension of knee or elbow joints, or assist with symmetrical posture for torticollis or other postural challenges.

Partial Body Weight Supported Training (PBWST)

Partial Body Weight Supported Training (PBWST) is an intervention used by therapists to improve strength, endurance and motor planning for gait. A child utilizes an adjustable harness system that allows for a child to unload their weight to increase their ability to be able to walk. This allows the therapist to provide cueing to facilitate active steps. PBWST has been shown through research to improve postural control, gait speed, and gait quality.


Pulleys can be used to help target specific muscles to strengthen, through a variety of different setups. Specific pulley exercises can help your child develop strength to encourage dissociated movements, increase one’s range of motion, normalize muscle tone, and prevent muscle contractures.


Spio are orthotic compression garments that children wear during the day to provide deep pressure proprioception into your child’s body through the compressive force of the fabric. This proprioception provides feedback to their joints and central nervous system to adjust their motor output, which will support improved muscle activation, better alignment, and posture for functional tasks and play. 


A Therasuit is a breathable soft dynamic orthotic. The Therasuit improves proprioception (pressure from the joints, ligaments, muscles), reduces patient’s pathological reflexes, restores physiological muscle synergies (proper patterns of movement) and loads the entire body with weight. This helps with normalizing the information arriving to the vestibular system which sends back all the information that arrives from muscles, joints, and tendons.  It influences muscle tone, balance and the position of the body in space.

Indications: TheraSuit is intended to facilitate rehabilitation of children with neurological disorders which result in decreased range of motion, muscle weakness, difficulties with movement against gravity, maintaining posture and other motor activities impairments. 

TheraSuit may provide the following benefits:

  • Re-trains central nervous system
  • Provides external stabilization
  • Normalizes muscle tone
  • Aligns the body to as close to normal as possible
  • Provides dynamic correction
  • Normalizes (corrects) gait pattern
  • Provides tactile stimulation
  • Influences the vestibular system
  • Improves balance
  • Improves coordination
  • Decreases uncontrolled movements in ataxia and athetosis
  • Improves body and spatial awareness
  • Supports weak muscles
  • Provides resistance to strong muscles to further enhance strengthening
  • Promotes development of gross motor skills
  • Helps improve hip alignment through vertical loading over the hip joint
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TheraTogs are an orthotic undergarment and strapping product that give individuals with sensorimotor impairment a highly effective carryover modality for improving postural alignment and stability, movement skill and precision, and joint stability. TheraTogs are designed to be customized by clinicians to address the unique specific musculoskeletal, postural, balance, or movement issues of their clients. Worn next to the skin under clothing or over a diaper, the patented soft-foam material gently grips the wearer’s soft tissues to create biomechanical changes that are key to positive outcomes.  A variety of strap lengths, widths, calibers of stiffness, and placement options optimize therapeutic and orthotic results.

How are TheraTogs used?

  • Promote optimum bone and joint development
  • Provide joint stability and increased body awareness
  • Improve posture, balance, gait, and movement skills
  • Reduce the postural correction workload that is often expected of foot and ankle orthoses
  • Improve motor performance during therapy session

Universal Exercise Unit

A Universal Exercise Unit is utilized to help a child perform specific movements as their body is suspended by use of elastic bungees. This allows the kid to become partial weight bearing, therefore making it easier for them to create and build upon movement patterns. This tool can be used with children of all ages and sizes and can be completely customized to their specific needs, whether that is working on floor transitions, standing, jumping, or single leg activities. The UEU is also a great way to provide vestibular input and provides a safe and effective way to improve their proprioception and balance reactions.

Advance Therapy Tools