Wondering what a day at CI is like from a kiddo’s perspective? Hear from a 13 year old client!

What does a day at CI look like?

I do Physical Therapy (PT) and Occupational Therapy (OT). PT helps me grow stronger physically and OT helps me with everyday skills that range from getting ready for the day, learning and recognizing emotions to learning about skills needed in the kitchen like safety and even being independent in the cooking process. They might sound a lot alike and they are because their main goal is to get kids stronger no matter what.

In PT I do a lot of exercises but my PT, Taylor, and a college student, Andrew, make it fun. For example, in PT I did snowshoeing which helped with my quads and hip flexors. Working on these exercises help my muscles get stronger to help prevent me from falling.

One of the reasons I love CI is because in the safest way they help kids reach for the stars. CI believes in their kids and help them learn to never give up to meet their goals!

Another great thing about CI is that no matter what difficulty that your child has, CI doesn’t give up on them! This is one of the many reasons that CI has an impact on children’s lives. When you are sad or in pain you can think back on CI and how much fun you had there and smile.

Do you have fun at CI?

Yes, I think I speak for every kid here. CI is so special to me it feels like they are like family. One of the things I especially like to do at CI is competitions in PT. The competitions can range from tennis, baseball, balancing, badminton, volleyball, and last but not least, lightsabers.

Baking with my OT Heidi is really fun as well as crafts and drawings. Through all these activities I meet goals that help me to strengthen and learn everyday skills.

A Day at CI: A Guest Blog

What if my child has never been to therapy?

I have been at CI for almost 2 years, and a fun fact is that I almost didn’t have Taylor as a PT and Heidi as a OT. The first day that I came I didn’t know anybody. CI takes kids from all different backgrounds and it doesn’t matter if you have never been to therapy, everyone is welcome!

Day One Jitters

The first day I came here, Taylor was doing an evaluation for me to know what my strengths and weaknesses were. I was nervous, and not until I got used to CI, my jitters ran away.

A lot of kids get nervous or have a lot of other emotions. CI helps with jitters by making you feel welcome and introducing you to new friends that range from kids at the clinic to therapists.

Is Everyday at CI the same?

No, because every kid is different, and has different needs, but everyone leaves CI stronger in some way!

Written by: Mari K.