For those of you who haven’t heard, Marsha Dunn Klein, international expert in feeding intervention, is coming to our Verona clinic! Ms. Klein has over 40 years experience assessing, treating, and working in partnership with families of children with feeding challenges. She is co-author of Pre-Feeding Skills, created the DuoSpoon, and founded Mealtime Notions, a feeding clinic in Tucson, AZ.

Ms. Klein will be at CI Wednesday, August 31st, offering a free parent training for parents and caregivers of children with g-tubes. She will be offering a 2-day seminar on the “Get Permission Approach to Sensory Mealtime Challenges” on Thursday, September 1st and Friday, September 2nd.

In honor of her arrival to Wisconsin, we wanted to make sure everyone knew about her website, Mealtime Notions! It is a wonderful resource filled with articles, parent stories, and mealtime tips. Check out this article that the Picky Eaters Parent Group reviewed last week about how children with sensory processing challenges may perceive trying new foods!

Great news! Due to the large population of children with feeding challenges at CI, there is now a discounted rate of $200 for parents and caregivers to attend the 2-day course. To find out more about the upcoming trainings, call our Fitchburg office today at 608-819-6394.

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