Are you looking for some great speech and language resources to celebrate this month? We would like to share a list of professional and personal resources we have compiled.

Here are our top picks:

Mommy Speech Therapy


    • This website has both articulation/speech sound resources, language resources and pretty much everything else that falls within the scope of practice for speech and language therapists.
    • They also have some free worksheets for at home practice! Your treating SLP might have already sent some of these home!

Sign‘n Grow & (Sign N Grow) on Instagram

    • This source has a website with paid courses, but on Instagram a lot of educational content is FREE!
    • This Instagram provides information on early language development with emphasis on tips and education for parents on how sign language can be used to increase communication at an early age and decrease frustration!

Small Talk Baby Podcast with Miss Pam on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Patreon

    • Continuing on the early language train we have this gem of a podcast!
    • Early rhymes, finger plays and lullabies galore that encourage language development in our youngest language learners.


    • Switching gears to our community that uses AAC, this website and list of resources is from Saltillo, the company behind NovaChat and TouchChat.
    • This website provides lots of ideas and activities to provide learning opportunities to increase vocabulary and use of your child’s device.

Meaningful Speech

(Instagram – Gestalt language processing):

  • A hot topic in the SLP community at the moment is the difference between analytic language processors and gestalt language processors. Your SLP might have spoken about this to you already.
  • This Instagram account is a great resource for parents wanting to learn more regarding how their child learns language and some tips on how they can support their language learner!

SLP Stephen (Instagram – stuttering):

    • This is an excellent source of information on stuttering from a professional and personal perspective!


Disclaimer time! This is by no means an exhaustive list of what is out there!  Ask your SLP provider for their own recommendations based on your child’s needs.  If there is something in particular you do not understand or want to learn more about, please bring it to your provider!

Happy Better Speech and Hearing month!