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Have you ever felt frustrated with Halloween not being inclusive enough for you child with
sensory differences, dietary restrictions or mobility devices? You are not alone. Halloween can
be a challenging holiday for many of our kiddos. We have collected a few resources and ideas to
inspire you this year and hopefully help make trick-or-treating a more positive experience!

What is the deal with the teal pumpkins?
A few years ago, the Teal Pumpkin Project was launched as an initiative to raise awareness for
food allergies and encourage people to offer a non-food trinket/toy instead of candy on
Halloween. A teal pumpkin is a sign that a house will offer treats that are suitable for any trick-
or-treaters. If you are giving out candy this year, consider putting out a teal pumpkin and having
a small stash of non-edible goodies (e.g., stickers, fidgets, temporary tattoos) to give to kiddos
who may have allergies, intolerances or who are primarily g-tube fed. You can learn more and
register your home here.

For our sensory sensitive trick-or-treaters:
Many costumes can be uncomfortable for our kids with sensory differences. We are loving the
trend of character hoodies and pajamas that can double as a costume! A bonus about both of
these, is that kids can continue to wear them throughout the year so it’s not just an item that
gets worn once, then discarded. Many popular retailers such as Amazon, Target and Walmart
have a ton of options to choose from.

Creative costumes to incorporate mobility devices!
Another trend we have been loving is companies who incorporate mobility devices in their
costumes. In 2019, Target introduced Hyde & EEK!, a costume line designed with all kids in
mind. Hyde & EEK! Introduced clothing that is adaptive, sensory-friendly, and wheelchair-
friendly. These costumes feature hidden openings, pockets for abdominal access and
removable accessories, and extra flexibility. Additionally, costumes have Velcro straps for easy
dressing. Children can dress up their wheelchair to match their costumes with wheelchair
covers. To check out this year’s lineup click here.

Whether your child is looking for something spooky, something silly, or something for the
family, there is an option that meets every kid! Your therapy team can be a good resource to
help you problem solve!