Slime… one might think, “yuck, what an unattractive name” while another might think, “how fun and cool!” Why is slime so popular in the occupational therapy world? How can it possibly be educational or therapeutic? Check out this blog to find out more about how slime is beneficial for all ages!


Put your slime in a ziplock bag and it can be a fun and motivating way for babies to practice tummy time! Add some fun color, sequence, glitter, or water beads to make it extra fun! Learn more about the benefits of tummy time here.







Using slime to facilitate pre-writing skills! Hide small items in slime to facilitate hand strength and pincer grasp. Work on finger isolation with your toddlers by poking it and drawing lines and shapes in the slime. Furthermore, having them help mix the slime using a mixing bowl and spoon is a great way to work on bilateral hand use. Or having them kneed it with their hands is a great sensory and hand strengthening experience. Click here to learn more about fine motor development.








School-aged and Teens:

Many school-aged kids love slime! It can be a great conversation starter for some and a fidget or calming strategy for others. Many occupational therapists use recipes to target executive functioning in school-aged and teens. It is a way to follow steps, plan and organize, and work on impulse control. Have them tell you how they made it to facilitate memory and thought organization. Check this link out to learn more about executive functioning. You can also work on growth mindset and have a competition to see who can blow the biggest bubble in their slime (bonus tip… blowing bubbles is a great regulation strategy)!






Slime variations:

Fluffy Slime

Really Slimy Slime

Stretchy Universe Slime


Written By: Charissa Drake, MS, OTR/L