When the tinsel is trashed, the tree’s on the curb, and the mountain of cookies has been defeated it is expected that we all start thinking about the new year.

The promise of a new year is typically met with high hopes and expectation. Maybe this is the year of a stellar raise or exciting vacation? Maybe this year the whole family will avoid getting the flu at the same time? Whatever the wish, we usually make a plan—a new year’s resolution—in order to find success.

Here at CI, we have resolutions every day. Through trial and error we work tirelessly to perfect fluffy slime recipes and determine the best way to clean glitter out of carpets. We try hard to balance professionalism and the eternal pursuit of knowledge with the playful approach that helps motivate and inspire the kids. We want to help you make resolutions with your kids too!

Here are 5 tips and bits of advice on how to make changes in your family routine this year:

  1. Eat at least one meal together each day. Children may not remember what you ate or what you talked about, but they will remember the experience. Being together, especially over food, can help create healthy emotional bonds and create positive experiences with mealtime.
  2. Get outside! There is no bad weather, only wrong clothing- so take advantage of the diversity of Wisconsin seasons and hike to new places. There are also many places to rent equipment for fun seasonal activities, such as cross country skiing.
  3. Read more as a family, either individually or out loud. Reading fosters the imagination and is stimulating for brain development. It’s positive benefits on mental health make it a far more valuable entertainment source than TV.
  4. Try one new thing as a family– maybe it’s trying out a bocce ball court or having a Hullabaloo tournament at home? Whatever the fun be sure to have extra snacks and take lots of pictures.
  5. Get extra sleep! Find rest and schedule evenings to wind down earlier than normal so that you can savor the slumber.

In this new year we at CI hope that your family grows closer and happier, and we look forward to another year of deepening relationships with the kids and families that make us a part of their routine.

All the best for 2019.