Being a preteen, teenager or young adult can be difficult. The summer months can be especially challenging, since many fall out of the routine they became so accustomed to. At this age, they are able to make many decisions independently, but there is still a lot they require some guidance with.

Here are 5 tips to help you guide your preteen, teenager or young adult in having a successful summer!

Sit down and chat about what is important to them.

Schedules, finances, abilities, etc. all come into play, but knowing what they would like to do is a great place to start.

Discuss goals for next school year. Plan how these will be achieved and find activities to help support them!

Foster their independence.

For example: If they want to partake in baseball this summer, explain the commitment they are going to have to make. You could create a schedule for the days they have practice, games, and other commitments to help them visualize the amount of time this will take.

Plan fun “trips”

(Even if it’s just to a local beach or park)

These trips will help keep their summer fun and interesting! This is a perfect way to focus on carryover all of their occupational, physical, and speech therapy goals. They can play on a swing set, go swimming or chat with peers! The options are endless.

Most importantly, enjoy time with your child.

Your child, and you as the parent, all work so hard during the school year. Make sure to take time for yourself, relax and have fun!

Here are a few outside activities to get you started:

  • Try a new sport (e.g., frisbee, golf)
  • Make a car out of wood to race, or even make your own kite
  • Plant a small garden
  • Jump in a pool or lake with your clothes on (be silly AND fun!)
  • Camp out in your yard overnight
  • Make a music video outside
  • Go pick strawberries at a local patch

Written By: Tiffany Smith, MA, CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist