Halloween is a time to indulge in sweet treat, carve pumpkins, and dress up in fun…or spooky costumes. While dressing up can be a great way to show your creative side, it can be challenging to find a costume that meets the needs of kids with sensory, accessibility, or mobility differences. At CI, we strive to help kids highlight their unique interests. Check out these sensory-friendly, wheelchair adaptable, and single piece costume ideas that will help your child feel great this Halloween! The costumes highlighted here can be found at Target or Amazon and range from $15 to $35 dollars.

Sensory and Wheelchair-Friendly Costumes

In 2019, Target introduced Hyde & EEK!, a costume line “designed with all kids in mind”. Hyde & EEK! Introduced clothing that is adaptive, sensory-friendly, and wheelchair-friendly. These costumes feature “hidden openings, pockets for abdominal access and removable accessories, and extra flexibility”. Additionally, costumes have Velcro straps for easy dressing. Children can dress up their wheel chair to match their costumes with wheelchair covers. This year’s line includes: Buzz lightyear (with matching wheelchair cover), Minnie Mouse, Trolls characters, skeletons— and so much more! These costumes are available in child and adult sizes which ensures all of our CI kids can find a costume that works for them.


Character Hoodies

Hoodies are a great way to show off your favorite TV show, toy, video game or book character. These hoodies are a way for children to highlight their interests while reducing the number of pieces they need to wear. Wear your hood up or down with these fun costumes! Amazon offers a variety of hoodies that are sure to meet any kid’s interests.




Like character hoodies, pajamas are a great way to incorporate a child’s interest while reducing the number of pieces they need to wear. One-piece pajamas offer zippers or Velcro straps to help with dressing. Pajamas are often loose fitting with minimal tags which is perfect for a child with sensory needs. Also, what better reason to wear your Halloween costume over and over!


A Family Affair

            Check out this idea from HopeBridge: Sometimes there is “an extra layer of stress on Halloween, but group costumes are still an option. For those with siblings hoping to dress as Jasmine or Ariel, a “Princess Protection Agency” t-shirt might do the trick for the bro or sis who is not as ecstatic about dressing up. There are also a ton of shirt options with Velcro capes for all our little Batmans or Supergirls joining a legion of superheroes. If your child will tolerate a hat with dog ears and some light face paint, “Paw Patrol” is another fun family costume.”


Whether your child is looking for something spooky, something silly, or something for the family there is an option that meets every kid! Consider talking with your child today to decide what they would like to dress as and, from there, decide how to make their costume work! Your therapy team can be a good resource to help you problem solve!


Written By: Emily Keis, MS, CF-SLP