It’s that time of year again! Whether your child is going back to school in person or virtually it will be important for them to stay organized and on top of their assignments. Below are tips to help keep your child as organized as possible:

 1.     Before school begins, have your child help you write a checklist. This will help you and your child get into the school mindset and prepare for the year to come.

2.     When possible, simplify morning routines. Have your child help you set out clothes, make their lunch, and pack their backpack the night before. This will cut down on stress levels in the morning when getting ready to leave for school or start the day at home.

3.     Use a calendar to help keep your family on track. You can have each child have their own calendar or color code one big calendar for the whole family.

4.     Have your child write down assignments to do at the beginning of the day if working from home. Have them plan out how much time will be allocated to each assignment for the day.

5.     Organize papers away into separate folders of what is completed and what still needs to be done to help keep assignments straight for your child.

6.     Encourage your child to take short breaks throughout their school day. If the child works for 20 minutes, provide them with a short 5-minute break to have a snack break, use the bathroom, or just take a brain break.

7.     Keep your routines and expectations of work consistent


Here’s to a great start of the new school year!