This is our third and final installment of our getting started blog series!

CI is the largest private pediatric therapy clinic in the Midwest. What began as a single speech and language pathologist in 2005 has now grown into a team of over 100 passionate, experienced, and dedicated staff in a variety of disciplines across nine clinic locations.

Those stats sound impressive, and we are undoubtedly proud of the company.

But what really makes us proud?

The giggles of a kiddo having a blast in therapy. The look of relief from a dad who gets an hour to run an errand or drink a cup of coffee—uninterrupted. The tears that well in up a mom’s eyes when she learns her kiddo tried a new food during therapy. The sibling who excitedly runs into CI as if it’s their second home.

We pride ourselves in delivering quality family-centered care. And that lived out by each of our staff members is our driving force. We aim to be advocates, cheerleaders, and a support system for each of our families. We are here to celebrate the victories (big & small).

And when it’s one of those days where nothing seems to be going right, and tears of frustration replace the ones of joy, we’re here, too. Don’t worry, CI is a safe place for your child to have a meltdown. And we’ll have a hot cup of coffee waiting for you (or a lollipop….who says candy is just for kids?!). We rub shoulders with the strongest, most resilient families. And it is our privilege to serve you.

Who Are We?

  • We believe in a play-based approach. We are experts at disguising hard work as fun. Because who thinks they’re working hard when a physical therapy session can become an adventurous ride on a magic carpet?
  • We are strengths-based. What does your child love to do? We have a way to make it therapeutic!
  • We believe in collaboration. It takes a village, and we want to work alongside all of the members of your child’s team.
  • We are evidence-based. There is always more to learn, and while we are always learning from each other, we also stay up-to-date on the latest research. We even give staff time off to attend conferences!
  • We are family-centered. We’ve been known to ride the elevator up and down (more times than we can count) to occupy a younger sibling while a therapist recapped the session with mom.

So, who are we?
We think one of our staff said it best:

“CI is more than a therapy clinic—CI is a campground for learning, a party house of fun, and safe haven for families where they feel like they are not drifting alone.”

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