As summer comes to an end and the school year is just around the corner we face yet another change in routine. This school year will be a little bit different than those in the past. Despite the continuous changes there are few things that we can do to make things seem as “normal” as possible and help make for a smooth transition back to the school year. 

  1. Stay positive- whether you are excited or nervous about what the upcoming school year brings, make sure when you are talking to your kiddos about the plan that you are positive and excited. This will help them be positive about the upcoming school year. Remember they hear the tone of your voice. If you are nervous they are going to be nervous! 
  2. Keep working on mask wearing! Look here for some tips and tricks 
  3. Start talking about the school year early. Let them know if they will be going to school all online, using a hybrid approach, or back to in person! 
  4. Complete the same back to school routines you usually do- still go back to school shopping and pick out new school supplies and school clothes even if they are going to wear them at home! 
  5. Have them help create a visual schedule to support their routines! See our Blog post on Visual Schedules here and how you can make one at home. 
  6. Start your back to school routine about a week prior to school starting so kids know what to expect and they are able to adjust their routines slowly! 
  7. Keep your routines consistent: 
    • If you are going to school 2 days in a row and then completing school online 3 days try to keep those days at home the same as they are when they are in school! For example: keep bed time/wake up time the same each day. Have the kids get dressed everyday just like they were going to school! 
  8. Create a designated workspace. Have a space at home that is specific just for online learning. This will help your kiddos separate school from mealtimes and fun! 
  9. Don’t forget about alternative seating! Sometimes a chair isn’t the best option to sit in for a few hours a day! Don’t be afraid to use a yoga ball as a chair or even adding thera-band to the legs of the chair for your kiddo to play with! Oh, and have fidgets nearby!
  10. Make sure to incorporate natural movement breaks or use GoNoodle, animal walks, or Cosmic Kids Yoga to get your kids out of their seats and moving! It’s hard to sit and look at a screen for more than 30 minutes at times!

Here’s to a great start of a new school year! 

Heidi Splinter, COTA/L