With winter break quickly approaching, you may be feeling a mixture of excitement and worry over being your child’s main source of entertainment for the upcoming week! No need to worry! Here are my top 5 ways to have fun with your kiddos while also promoting their language development over the holidays!

1. Play a game of “I Spy”

This is a great way to make errands or long car rides a fun and engaging time with your child! A simple game of “I Spy” can expand their vocabulary knowledge, increase their use and exposure to descriptor words, and encourage them to interact and engage with you.

2. Play one of the many amazing turn-taking games out there

Zingo, Don’t Break the Ice, Pop Up Pirate, Topple, and Jenga are just a few of the countless games that will have both you and your kids having fun together! Foundational turn-taking skills promote later success with turn-taking in social interactions. What better way to start encouraging turn-taking development than with a fun game!

3. Build a snowman

With all of this fresh snow on the ground, take advantage of it by joining your family outside! Because a snowman is often a group project, this activity will promote so many of the social thinking concepts that we frequently mention: flexible thinking, whole body listening, and expected behaviors to name a few!

4. Bake together

I may be biased on this, but one of the best ways to create memories is by baking together. Don’t be hesitant to have your young ones step up and crack the eggs, mix the batter, or use the cookie cutters! I could go on and on about the positive outcomes of baking. Your child will be exploring new textures, having new tactile experiences, following multi-step directions, making requests, and expanding their vocabulary all while making delicious treats to enjoy!

5. No-Prep Crafts

Pull some paper out of the printer and make snowflakes. Link paper rings together to make a giant paper chain. Yes, Pinterest has some pretty amazing crafts these days, but the basic ones are still just as fun! And no prep-work required! You can go even further by using the crafts as decorations for a talent show or as part of an elaborate pretend play scenario!

Whatever you choose to do with your family this season, remember to have fun! Happy holidays!

Written By: Rachelle Eugster, MA, CCC-SLP – Speech Language Pathologist