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Sun Prairie

CI Sun Prairie Clinic

Our Sun Prairie Clinic is located at
395 E. Linnerud Dr, Sun Prairie, WI 53590

Phone: (608) 819-6394 Ext. 1009

Sun Prairie Clinic angle outside

Sun Prairie Clinic

395 E. Linnerud Dr.
Sun Prairie, WI 53590

This Location’s Details

Nestled into Cannery Square in Sun Prairie, just off of Main Street, CI Sun Prairie is ready to serve you and your family.  We love our close proximity to the Sun Prairie Dream Park, The Nitty Gritty restaurant and Beans-n-Cream coffee shop!

Virtual Tour

This clinic offers individual clinic treatment spaces, sensory gym space, a kitchen and a spacious waiting room. Check out the virtual tour for a peek inside our Sun Prairie clinic location!

Our Families Truly Say It Best!

CI is a home away from home for our son.  He has been going to CI for over half of his life and we would be lost without them.  Not only do they make therapy based on play and ensure its fun, but they also care beyond measure.  They are willing to go above and beyond for not only your child but to advocate for them in any venue, like insurance approvals, etc. Not only does our son look forward to his weekly appointments, but he also loves sharing what he did afterwards!  We cannot say enough how amazing CI has been for our family.



My 9 year old autistic son has been coming to CI for the last 5 years, in that time I have seen him go from practically non verbal to using words that most adults would not use correct. His therapist have been amazing with him, always patient, encouraging. My son has been given great goals to help with his social anxiety and since then has been able to start conversations with peers. We love CI And suggest them to every new parent we know. Thank you CI.



Our son has been receiving OT and speech services at CI for the past 3 years. When he started, he could only speak a handful of words and struggled with the most basic fine motor tasks. During his first couple of sessions, he would dump over furniture and clear the tables.  In the years since, our son has grown immensely. He can now speak in full sentences, use scissors, and write his name. He plays cooperatively with peers and uses coping strategies when he is feeling overwhelmed. We owe a lot to CI Therapies. Throughout the past three years, we have turned to our therapists at CI to help with regressions and behavior concerns at daycare. They also stood by us and encouraged us when he was officially diagnosed with autism. We whole heartedly recommend CI Therapies. They have become part of our son’s village and have been instrumental in helping him develop into the child he is today.



Meet the CI Sun Prairie Team