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CI Wausau Clinic

Our Wausau Clinic is located at
2600 Stewart Ave, Suite 154, Wausau, WI 54401

Phone: (608) 819-6394 Ext. 1006

ci wausau clinic sensory gym at


2600 Stewart Ave, Suite 154
Wausau, WI 54401

This Location’s Details

CI Wausau is conveniently located right off the highway, in the Stewart Center. This clinic is in a prime location surrounded by ample shopping and dining options.  We are ecstatic to be able to serve the families of Central Wisconsin at our CI Wausau Clinic!

Virtual Tour

This clinic offers individual clinic treatment spaces, sensory gym space, a kitchen and a spacious waiting room. Check out the virtual tour for a peek inside our Wausau clinic location!


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Our Families Truly Say It Best!

[Our daughter] has now been receiving speech therapy with CI for about one year and we have noticed significant improvement in her targeted sounds. She is able to reproduce these sounds in word and sentence level with variable accuracy and we are now noticing some spill over into her natural speaking! Her speech has not affected her academics or reading, so she is unlikely to qualify for any local services through our school. We are so grateful to CI for their care and flexibility, allowing us to utilize virtual care living over an hour away from their office. We look forward to continuing our relationship with CI.


CI delivers therapy solutions that are designed to meet our son’s needs while still putting an emphasis on the importance of his childhood experience. Through CI our son has become an active and willing participant in his therapy plan.


We found that CI provides an environment where kids don’t just learn and work on goals; they also get to be kids! Our daughter really enjoys her time (and her therapist) at CI! I can’t convey in words how much it means to us to know that our child is cared for and to watch her succeed.



Meet the CI Wausau Team