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Magic Happens Here

 CI is more than a therapy clinic.

CI is a campground for learning and a party house of FUN.

It’s a safe haven for families where no one is ever alone on their journey.

CI is a place to take risks and realize your true capabilities.

It is a place of comfort, support and endless positivity

We believe there is so much more power in celebrating the positive. For families and team members alike,

CI is a place where differences are celebrated, uniqueness is encouraged, and everyone is appreciated.

We use a child’s passions to spark wonder and engagement.

We focus on what kids can do, who they are and what makes them shine.

Together we create a plan to work towards their next goals.

If there is something to celebrate, big or small, everyone joins in on the fun!

Within our colorful walls, you will not only see and hear celebrations galore, you will feel them, too.

CI is a place for blanket forts.

For hide-and-seek.

It’s for scavenger hunts, spirit weeks, kickball games,

vegetable gardens, park adventures and water balloon launchers.

We believe our sessions are limitless,  just like a child’s potential.

We embrace the noise, mess and [organized] chaos. We not only work with kids, but we are also kids at heart ourselves!

Welcome to these magic moments and more. Welcome to CI.