Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Services

CI’s Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Services are a new offering from CI’s knowledgeable physical therapy department that focuses specifically on children and young adults who have experienced a sport injury, have an orthopedic or musculoskeletal condition, or are recovering from orthopedic surgery.

The primary focus of this service is to aid in the recovery and rehabilitation using state-of-the-art treatments to get your child back in their best, most functional physical shape! Each child or young adult seen by our experienced therapists in the Sports Injury and Rehabilitation program will receive specialized care to reduce the amount of time to full recovery! 

For more information about our Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Services, contact Sam Oehler at or call us at (608) 819-6394.

Who Could Benefit?

Chidren and young adults of all ages who are recovering from: 

  • Athletic injuries including shin splints, rolled ankles, jumper’s knee, runner’s knee, and general knee pain 

  • Fractures or dislocations

  • Strains, sprains, and other common injuries experienced by children at play

Meet Your Therapy Team

Sam Oehler, PT, DPT

Sam is an experienced physical therapist who is so excited to be able to combine his two passions, orthopedic rehabilitation and working with children and young adults, while leading CI’s Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Services. He received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT) from Concordia University in Saint Paul, Minnesota and has lived and worked in Madison ever since. 

Sam is no stranger to sports and orthopedic injuries, as he spent many hours in physical therapy as a child with knee pain, neck tightness, shin splints, and more as an avid runner, shortstop in baseball, and tennis player. His goal is to provide physical therapy services that are as fun and beneficial as those he received to reduce his pain and return him to his tip-top abilities!