Alison Sadler

Alison’s favorite holiday is Halloween. She is embarrassed to admit her love for quirky ‘jingles’ in commercials. She says "y’all" due to her childhood upbringing.

Alison completed her bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy at UW Madison. She has practiced as a pediatric occupational therapist in various settings including school-based and clinic environments. Alison enjoys working with children of all abilities and has worked with children with a variety of disorders. She has completed the Handwriting Specialist certification with Handwriting Without Tears ®. She has experience and training with sensory processing and sensory motor treatment. Alison has years of experience and knowledge working with children with autism including ABA therapy, programming and staff education. Alison encourages and guides families to help identify the specific skills or interests to be incorporated into therapy so that it is meaningful to the family unit and/or the individual. When not caring for her 3 young children, Alison enjoys the outdoors, reading, and loves animals.