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Ally Ackerman


Speech-Language Pathology

Alyssa_Ackerman headshot photo with white wood background
Ally completed a dialect study across England, Scotland, and Ireland, which fueled her love of travel and exploration. She loves outdoor seasonal activities, such as water skiing in summer and outdoor ice skating in winter. Her all-time favorite ice cream is Michigan Pot Hole.

Ally earned a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in speech-language pathology from Calvin University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Through her internships, she gained extensive experience with pediatrics across hospital, outpatient, school, and private clinic settings. Ally has been at CI Therapies for over 1 year and loves working with the pediatric population to achieve their speech, language, and communication goals. In addition, Ally is passionate about pediatric feeding and swallowing evaluations and treatment to help children achieve the safest and most enjoyment of food possible! She loves to create environments full of fun, laughter, and play where children can thrive while working toward their goals. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, loving on her pup Smokey, and taking spontaneous trips with her husband to try new things – like climbing at The Red.