Alyson Rogers


Speech-Language Pathology
Waunakee Therapy Supervisor
School Contract Coordinator

Aly_Rogers 2022 headshot photo with white wood background
Aly enjoys volunteering at a local animal shelter, and has fostered 30 cats and kittens. She has a baby, 3 cats, and a dog of her own. Aly's favorite book series is still Harry Potter and she thinks Chocolate Oreo Volcano is the best custard flavor.

Alyson received her bachelor’s degree in Recreation Therapy at UW-La Crosse, where she learned the importance of making therapy fun and motivating! Before starting graduate school, Aly spent a year gaining experience doing in-home therapy and working with autistic children and their families. She then went on to earn her master’s degree in Speech, Language, and Learning at Northwestern University. She completed her clinical fellowship year at an elementary school in Brookfield, WI, and has been at CI Therapies for 6 years. Aly uses the child’s interests in her therapy sessions, so you can find her doing anything from singing Disney songs, and making dinosaur crafts, to exploring the solar system in her sessions. Aly has been trained in the Natural Language Acquisition (NLA) framework for gestalt language processors, and completed the AEIOU: An Integrated Approach to Pediatric Feeding training program. She is a life-long learner, and is passionate about keeping up with the latest trends and research in the field.