Ann Roesch

I crossed off a bucket list item; I went and got my motorcycle license 3 summers ago. With that, my husband and I take a lot of scenic backroads and find interesting places to eat or shop that we normally would not find if we were in the car.

I have 7 grandchildren, ages 9 years to 6 months ( 4 girls and 3 boys). They are a hand full, but worth every minute of it when they come over. My husband and I like to go see local live bands. We have met so many people and made some friendships along the way. I went back to school late in life and received my degree in Medical Billing and Coding in 2014. I started out billing for a local pharmaceutical company but they ended up closing. I then started working at CI, and it is incredible to watch all these kids come in and have fun, but most importantly, make such progress! Everyone at CI really comes together, as a whole, in order to provide services and I really enjoy that.