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Ashley Pfaff

Recreational Activities Coordinator
Clinic Administrative Assistant

Ashley_Pfaff headshot photo with white wood background.
Ashley loves the mountains and the outdoors! She is all about any type of hiking or outdoor adventure. She has a golden/lab mix named Milo who loves swimming and going on adventures with her!

Ashley began her work experience in Eau Claire in early childhood education. After two years Ashley decided to return to Madison to be closer to family, especially so she could watch her four younger siblings grow. For four years she taught in early childhood, working with all ages and primarily preschoolers. Ashley’s end goal had always been to work with children with different abilities and help them grow and develop. So, she decided to take a leap and move to working with children with autism, providing behavioral therapy. Ashley believes that you should love what you do, and working with children, helping them make progress, and creating fun experiences is a great passion for her! Ashley cherishes her time out in the community representing CI at local libraries, recreation departments, and more! In her free time, Ashley can be found exploring the outdoors with her dog, enjoying time with family, and is always looking for a new adventure.