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Brianna Crotsenberg


Intake Coordinator

Brianna_Crotsenburg headshot photo with white wood background.
Brianna has 3 German Shepherds named Apollo, Freya, and Fenrir to keep her house busy. She fell in love with live music at a young age and has been to more than 70 concerts since she started going at age 12. Brianna also has a unique collection of Shrek items that has grown over the years.

Brianna graduated from Arizona State University with a BA in Psychology. Prior to working at CI, Brianna worked directly with individuals of all ages with developmental and physical disabilities for 6 years. Although her current role is now more behind the scenes, Brianna is still passionate about working with clients and families to help them access therapy services. Brianna also enjoys participating in of CI’s community events. When she is not helping new families navigate the intake process, she can be found relaxing with a good book, listening to podcasts, trying new recipes in the kitchen, or spending time with her husband in the great outdoors!