Brittany Reddish

Brittany opts for mustard on her corn on the cob (instead of butter), has double-jointed elbows and her favorite animal is an orca that occupies the same waters as her biggest fear - JAWS.

Brittany has a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and after seeing some gruesome images in a textbook realized her stomach was not strong enough for a career in that field. However, with only a few credits left, she decided to stick with that major and attain her College degree. Since then, she has worked with a Student Loan Company and within the last four years found a love for the medical world. The ability to positively impact someone’s life is what drives her every day and the smile on their faces is all worth it. She hopes to continue making a difference in the lives of others at CI Pediatric Therapies and increase her ever-growing medical billing knowledge.

When she hangs up her Medical Billing hat for the day, she is a proud (and often worn-out) mom of a 5yr old boy (Donovan), enjoys going to movies (the ones that tug on the heart strings and keep you at the edge of your seat) and keeping her brain wheels turning with crossword puzzles.