Caila Testrake

Medical Billing Specialist

Caila_Testrake headshot photo with white wood background.
Caila enjoys watching cooking shows, wants to learn more about astrology, loves to play games, and enjoys exchanging useless trivia and laughing.

Caila has been in Healthcare for over 10 years as a medical assistant before beginning her adventure at CI Therapies as a Billing and Insurance team member. The stars aligned, and, after applying through a third party job board, Cailia was introduced to CI. The personal connections, feeling of warmth & happiness, and good vibes grew for Caila with each interview and interaction with the CI Team. She feels this is the place she is meant to be. Caila feels strong connections to the words in the mission statement: Highest quality, enable & empower, meaningful and passionate. She loves the positivity and possibilities for her future with her new work family. Working hard but having fun. When not at work, Caila enjoys spending time with her family including her children, Marissa (a sports lover), Kimee (a clarinet player), Brooklyn (off on her own adventures at Loyola College), partner, Joe (the golfer), Bugsy (an English Pointer rescue who the family recently adopted) and Chewie (a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon). Caila loves reading and snuggling with this wild bunch.