Catherine (Catie) Oehler



Catie studied abroad in Costa Rica for a summer. She has visited every US National Park on her bucket list. She loves playing card and board games including Cribbage, Euchre, and Canyon.

Catie loves her Badgers as she spent both her undergraduate and graduate degrees studying Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. During therapy, she loves integrating silly play into all learning opportunities to help children enjoy themselves as they progress toward their goals. Her favorite therapy sessions include making up strange songs, dancing, and being active in the gym.  She believes that creativity in play within sessions helps to foster speech and language development. Catie is also trained in PROMPT therapy, which is a tactile-kinesthetic approach used to facilitate accurate production of speech sounds. Catie loves working with the CI team as its positive strategies and environment allow children to grow to their maximum potential. In her free time, Catie enjoys playing games with her family, going on hikes and adventures, and cuddling any cat or dog she can get her hands on.