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Chelsea Lu

Billing and Insurance Specialist

Chelsea_Lu headshot photo with white wood background
Growing up, Chelsea loved animals and wanted to become a vet. She loves to explore different kinds of movement, food, and perspectives.

Chelsea has extensive experience working in medical billing, and excels in pattern recognition as well as tasks that require strong attention to detail. She has a passion for health and wellness, and along with that, education and access. She won’t shy away from saying, “I don’t know,” but often follows that up with finding answers or solutions. The cost of healthcare services and complexity of insurance processes can be a stressor for both families and providers, so Chelsea is excited to join the CI billing team in helping make sure that all covered services are processed correctly. Outside of the office, she loves teaching and learning the circus arts. She started teaching ballroom and partner dance at the age of 17, and continues to teach today as an aerial, mobility, and handstand instructor for people of all different backgrounds. Chelsea considers herself a foodie, trying both new restaurants and cuisines, as well as her hand at recreating her favorite foods. She might be new to Madison, but has already had her food photos shared on local business pages such as Metcalfe’s.