Cheyenne Dietsche



Cheyenne enjoys outdoor activities, including hiking and camping. If she could spend her entire day painting and cooking, she would! Cheyenne’s favorite food category is anything involving pasta.

Before pursuing Occupational Therapy, Cheyenne worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant, caring for the lives of a diverse patient population. She feels that her empathetic and compassionate nature, enhanced through her line of work, created a good foundation for Occupational Therapy. After graduating from Western Technical College of La Crosse in 2020, Cheyenne became board certified through NBCOT and the state of Wisconsin for Occupational Therapy Assisting. During school, she spent her level 1 fieldwork rotation enhancing the lives of kiddos and their families at an outpatient pediatric clinic in La Crosse.  After college, she moved to the Madison area to pursue her career in Occupational Therapy. With a goal of becoming a well-rounded therapist, she emphasizes her interests in physical rehabilitation, mental illness, and sensory deficits. Cheyenne is always ready to learn new things because life is a dance; you learn as you go!