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Christy Edgerle


Occupational Therapy

christy edgerle headshot photo with white wood background.
Christy is an adventurous cat lady who loves photography, aerial yoga, mac & cheese and music! Fun fact: she was a pole vaulter for 8 years!

Christy earned her masters in occupational therapy at Mount Mary University. She is also a proud graduate of the University of Wisconsin La Crosse for her bachelors in therapeutic recreation. It is through her extensive background and experience working with children of all ages and abilities that Christy developed her passion for pediatrics! Christy is fueled by a good challenge and authentic connection; she is grateful for opportunities to collaborate and share resources to help advocate for client/families individualized needs. Christy is inspired by a strengths-based approach, development of a therapeutic alliance and facilitation of meaningful client-centered occupations to help clients/families reach their goals. Her topics of interest include (but certainly not limited to): sensory processing (including interoception, primitive reflexes), growth mindset, self-regulation, executive functioning and play-based fun/functional activities. Christy is dedicated and driven to life-long learning and providing quality evidenced-based care. Christy understands that it truly is an honor and a privilege to work with you and your family. In Christy’s free time, you will find her enjoying time with friends and family and trying something new!