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Emily Wonder


Occupational Therapy

emily wonder headshot photo with white wood background, bonnie has light brown hair and a CI Therapies black t-shirt on.
"Emily loves the great outdoors and recently had fun hiking at Glacier National Park. She plays harp in the Middleton Community Orchestra and sometimes even in OT sessions! And even though she has made Madison her home, she will never stop being a loyal Cubs fan. "

Emily earned her bachelor of arts in biology from Luther College in Decorah, IA, and her doctorate in occupational therapy from Midwestern University in Downers Grove, IL. She chose to become an occupational therapist so that she could meet people where they are and help them live a life that is meaningful to them. She believes that every child deserves to be seen for their strengths, to be supported in their hardest moments, to feel safe and supported as they navigate the world, and to know that someone is rooting for them and on their team.

Emily is passionate about incorporating nature-based and community-based opportunities into sessions to provide enriching experiences that clients can take with them into their daily lives. She believes in incorporating a neurodiversity-affirming lens into her practice while supporting kids, teens, and young adults in exploring their sense of self through hobbies, social connection, and creativity. She strongly believes in providing trauma-informed care and enjoys learning about the ways in which sensory processing, mental health, and participation in daily life activities are interconnected.

Emily is grateful for the opportunity to work with families and their loved ones as they work as a team to establish meaningful goals.