Felicia Holman

Felicia traveled to Japan and hopes to go again someday! She has had pet ferrets for ten years. She loves to spend her summer weekends camping and hiking.

Felicia attended Madison College, where she earned her associate’s degree in the Occupational Therapy Assistant program. Her desire to pursue occupational therapy stemmed from providing in-home Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy for children with autism diagnoses for three years during college. She has presented at the WOTA conference about sensory processing, Zones of Regulation, and the implementation of sensory paths in elementary schools. Felicia has experience working with children on sensory processing, emotional regulation, executive functioning skills, and handwriting. She loves to incorporate songs, gross motor movement, and nature into her therapy sessions. Felicia is thrilled to be a part of the CI team! In her free-time she enjoys exploring new hiking trails and traveling!