Haley Moshier

Haley grew up in Arkansas with 5 older siblings and lots of pets. She loves being outside and going on walks

Haley earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Missouri State University before getting her Doctorate in Occupational Therapy from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. While in school, she realized what she was most passionate about as an OT was helping kids engage successfully in the world around them. She has experience working with children on executive functioning, emotional regulation, sensory processing, mindfulness, and mental health. Regardless of the focus of her sessions, Haley’s goal for therapy is to promote learning and growth while also being fun and engaging. She is excited to work with children and their families as part of the CI team. While at home, Haley enjoys reading while cuddling with her cat, Poe, and trying new recipes inspired by all of the baking shows she likes to watch.