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Hayley Morrison


Occupational Therapy

Hayley_Morrison. headshot photo with white wood background
Hayley grew up in Nashville before moving to Madison in 2013. She has never been a coffee drinker. Her hair has been every color of the rainbow, but her favorite is purple!

Hayley has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and earned her occupational therapy associate’s degree from Madison College. Before becoming an OTA, Hayley worked joyously in preschools; she knew adulthood is overrated. Her experience in early childhood helped cultivate her play-based philosophy and passion for educating families about child development. She’s not afraid to offer messy activities and can’t help but be down on the floor and fully involved with kiddos’ fun. When she’s not working, she enjoys kickboxing, jigsaw puzzles, and spoiling her husky mix Leena. Hayley is so excited to join the CI therapy team!