Heather Splinter



Heather is the middle child and most likely the favorite child. She loves pickles, and she wants to visit Greece someday. Her sister Heidi also works at CI!

Heather earned a bachelor’s degree in Public Health from Youngstown State University where she played volleyball on a full ride scholarship. In 2021 she earned her master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from Ball State University. She was a Registered Behavior Therapist for four years and is committed to making positive changes in her families’ lives through behavioral support. She is passionate about not expecting big changes right away, but rather celebrating the small successes that lead to the big successes over time. Heather strongly believes that change comes with time and patience. After she graduated with her master’s, she left the ABA world and ventured to CI in 2022. Her role as the Recreational Outreach Coordinator allows her to incorporate the community with CI events and give the best possible experience to kiddos. Outside of work, Heather enjoys coaching volleyball with her sister Heidi and spending time with her puppy, Frankie!