Jenna Simonsen


Speech-Language Pathology

Jenna_Napierala-Simonsen headshot photo with white wood background.
Jenna is the oldest of 5 and adopted from South Korea - the first 4 kids in her family are adopted from various countries; her youngest sister is biological. Jenna is a proud 3 term AmeriCorps member. One of Jenna’s favorite vacations was visiting Hawai’i with her husband, she hopes to visit more Pacific islands soon.

Jenna earned her bachelor’s degree from UW – Eau Claire and her master’s degree from the University of South Dakota. In addition to extensive experience working in adult outpatient/skilled nursing, Jenna also spent a year working in birth – 5 in a consultative/coaching role. Jenna’s interests include feeding/swallowing, myofunctional therapy, and breastfeeding support. In her spare time Jenna loves to spend time with her husband, two sons, and one daughter, read or listen to books, craft with her Cricut, and spend time outside/on a lake. Having grown up in Marathon County, Jenna looks forward to connecting with and serving children/families in the region.