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Jess Wollin

East Middleton Clinic Manager

Jess_Wollin headshot photo with white wood background.
Jess loves sunny mornings, coffee, and DOGS. She is a former educator and a full-time Taylor Swift fan! She enjoys being outside, puzzles, laughter, and meeting new people! Kindness never goes out of style!

Jess earned her BS in elementary education from Edgewood College. She is double licensed, specializing in educating students who are learning English. She has also spent many years working with adolescents and young adults with varying needs and diagnoses such as autism, fetal alcohol syndrome, reactive attachment disorder, schizophrenia, bipolar, and learning disabilities. This led Jess to CI’s front door, where she was met with passion and warmth. After years in the classroom, Jess knew she could make a larger impact with children, families, and communities. She is thrilled and committed to serving children and families and is grateful to be a part of a company that shares her dedication and values. In her free time, she loves to cuddle with her dogs, Beau Finley and Annie Jo while completing a puzzle (typically with dogs on it). She loves listening to music, singing, and dancing even though these are not her strengths. She enjoys writing, list-making, crafts, and making meaningful connections.