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Joan Abendroth


Occupational Therapy

joan a headshot photo with white wood background, bonnie has light brown hair and a CI Therapies black t-shirt on.
Joan's favorite snack is goldfish crackers. She can sing the ABC's backwards! Her most-loved childhood toys are Etch-a-Sketch and Crocodile Dentist.

Joan has worked as a COTA in the Madison School District for 20+ years. She has been with CI for over 10 years. Her passion for working with children with disabilities is evident as she has worked with children with various disabilities including cerebral palsy, spina bifida, mental health challenges, autism, traumatic brain injury, and developmental delays. Joan has experience and training in assistive technology, sensory processing, self-care needs, and specific fine motor delays. She is also a certified provider of the Interactive Metronome. In her free time, Joan loves spending time with her two sons, hiking, doing yoga, and reading a good book!