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Kelsey Conway


Physical Therapy

Kelsey Conway headshot photo with white wood background, bonnie has light brown hair and a CI Therapies black t-shirt on.
Kelsey was born and raised in Northwest Indiana, but she has been living in Wisconsin for the past 6 years. She enjoys going to musicals; her favorite is The Lion King. She loves to travel and has been to Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Peru.

Kelsey received both her bachelor’s degree in exercise science and her Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) from Carroll University in Waukesha, WI. She gained pediatric experience throughout PT school during a clinical which included home health birth-to-three and an outpatient clinic in Indiana. Kelsey is a registered Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI) practitioner, having completed up to Introductory Level C. She believes in making sessions full of fun and laughter while integrating team-based care. When not at work, Kelsey enjoys being outside hiking, biking, and kayaking.