Kelsey Siegel


Mental Health Specialist

Kelsey Siegel headshot photo with white wood background.
Kelsey loves going to Madison’s Farmers’ Market. She used to collect M&M memorabilia. She loves being in a hammock!

Kelsey is a LCSW who graduated from St. Norbert College with a degree in education and earned her master’s degree in social work from UW-Madison. For the past eight years, she has been working in a partnership with a community agency and the Madison Metropolitan School District providing therapy services in schools to kiddos and their families. She also works as a faculty member in the School of Social Work at UW-Madison. Her interests reside in trauma treatment, antiracist work and treatment interventions in educational settings. She loves forming connections with others and creating spaces for healing work to happen. You can find Kelsey with her partner and three kiddos out and about doing Madison-y things!