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Kim Zaspel


Occupational Therapy

Kim_Zaspel headshot photo with white wood background
Kim loves to travel and has been to 6 countries, but her favorite vacation destination is St. Germain- where her grandparents live and where she has vacationed every year since birth! Her secret talent is being a great hula hooper and she can quote pretty much every episode of Friends!

Kim developed her passion for working with kids while completing volunteer work in an adaptive physical education class before college. After that, she completed two years of coursework in Special Education-Early Childhood at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Following those two years, Kim attended Madison College and graduated with her occupational therapy assistant degree. She is certified in the Intensive Model of Therapy and the TheraSuit Method ® . Kim has also attended trainings for Handwriting Without Tears ®, The Get Permission Approach to feeding, therapeutic taping, neurodevelopmental disorders in infants, and comprehensive approach to cerebral palsy. Kim is passionate about working with kids with cerebral palsy and has experience being part of the Advance program as both a therapist and mom. Kim loves working at a place where a team approach is emphasized and fun and play are part of everyday. She has worked at CI for over 10 years!