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Leah Krantz


Occupational Therapy
Fitchburg Clinic Manager

Leah Krantz headshot photo with white wood background, bonnie has light brown hair and a CI Therapies black t-shirt on.
Leah enjoys baking and cooking. She is the youngest of 5, has 9 nieces/nephews, 1 great niece and 1 great nephew. She loves coffee and will always be seen at CI in the mornings with a coffee!

Leah graduated from Edgewood College with a bachelor’s degree in education and Madison College with her occupational therapy assistant degree. She has been working with people of various abilities for over 19 years in a variety of settings. She has been working at CI for over 6 years. Leah enjoys using baking and crafts within her sessions to address a variety of goal areas. Leah has additional training addressing anxiety, Interoception, and supporting mental health. Outside of CI, Leah enjoys playing outside with her dog, spending time with her family, riding motorcycles, and boating!