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Makenzie (Kenzie) Callahan


Occupational Therapy

Kenzie_Callahan headshot photo with white wood background
Kenzie has a cat named Louie who loves to play fetch. She loves to eat spicy foods. Kenzie enjoys vestibular input such as dancing, swinging, and riding roller coasters!

Kenzie received her bachelor of science in kinesiology from Michigan State University and doctorate of occupational therapy from Western Michigan University. Kenzie finds her passion through working with children and families to participate in everyday activities. She is especially passionate about sensory processing, feeding therapy, and trauma-informed care. Most of her experience is in outpatient pediatric/young adults and school-based OT. In her free time, Kenzie enjoys running, singing, and attending any type of sporting event. Kenzie’s biggest strength is in building lasting connections and fostering inclusion. Kenzie strives to promote awareness of others and how to stretch the circle wider. Kenzie moved from Michigan to work at CI, so she is very happy to be here with you all!