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Mandi McClain

Billing and Insurance Specialist

Mandi_Mclain headshot photo with white wood background
Mandi is from Texas and loves the warm weather. She has traveled with cultural immersion programs to Jordan (3 months) and South Africa (6 months).

Mandi has earned her associates in human services and a diploma in addiction studies from Madison College in May 2023. She is continuing her education with a BS in social work followed by a masters of social work to specialize in trauma/crisis counseling. Mandi worked as a children’s autism treatment technician and was trained in ABA and Early Start Denver Model for children with autism.  Mandi has been in the lab world of the medical field for 12 years and is loving the challenges of navigating insurances to assist our families. Outside of work, Mandi enjoys reading murder mystery books, playing with her cat (Waffles), taking walks with her husband, watching Netflix, and Facetiming her twin nieces.