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Dr. Margaret Fitts



Margaret_Fitts headshot photo with white wood background
Margaret has favorite outdoor activities for each season, with particular favorites being skiing, sledding, snorkeling, gardening, rollerblading, BBQing and hiking. She enjoys traveling and recently lived in Japan with her family for three years. She has a kooky but loveable dog, a cat who loves playing in water and a bunch of fish though her children would like to have even more pets!

Dr. Margaret Fitts is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Nationally Certified School Psychologist who specializes in working with children and adolescents. She strives to understand the uniqueness of each child’s strengths and challenges in the context of their personal history. Dr. Fitts is committed to patient centered care and evidence-based treatment strategies. She completed her undergraduate degree at UW-Madison and received her PhD at UW-Milwaukee. She completed her predoctoral internship through the Nebraska Internship Consortium for Professional Psychology at Boys Town Residential Treatment Center and her postdoctoral fellowship in the Boys Town Behavioral Health Outpatient Clinic. Margaret has assessed and treated children with a wide variety of concerns including autism spectrum disorder, attention related challenges, anxiety, depression, behavioral concerns, traumatic brain injury, tics, genetic differences, history of trauma, developmental concerns and unique learning needs. She has specialties in the areas of ADHD and assessment/differential diagnosis.