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Michael Weinberg


Psychotherapist-In Training

Michael_Weinberg headshot photo with white wood background
Michael has two lovely cats named Tetra and Pippi. He spent 3 weeks in the summer of 2022 road-tripping on the North and South Island of New Zealand on a belated honeymoon. Michael loves to spend a quiet evening playing classic video games and board games.

Michael has a bachelor’s in psychology with a focus in developmental psychology from Lawrence University, and a master’s in social work with a focus on mental health from UW-Madison. He is a Certified Advanced Practice Social Worker working on his Clinical Social Worker License. He has over 9 years of experience in the mental health field supporting a wide age range. He has focused his practice on supporting his clients with ADHD, anxiety, depression, and more to emphasize their strengths and improve their overall mental health and wellbeing. Michael is really excited to be working with CI Pediatric Therapy Centers and is passionate about being able to help children and families discover, cultivate, and cherish their strengths.