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Nicholas Scheuing


Occupational Therapy

Nick Scheuing headshot photo with white wood background.
Nick has a dog named Piper, enjoys cooking and grilling (particularly BBQ), and spent a week in England during graduate school observing how OT works in a different country and culture.

Nick completed his undergraduate degree in 2010 from the University of Toledo with a BS in exercise science. He graduated from UW-Lacrosse in 2018 with his masters in occupational therapy. Nick has worked as an occupational therapist for 4 years primarily in skilled nursing facilities. Nick is passionate about home safety, having performed home safety evaluations to prepare clients returning home and for clients who desired to remain at home as long as possible. Nick has extensive experience working with client and family centered approaches, as well as working as part of a treatment team to best meet his client’s needs. Outside of work, Nick enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife, Meagan, and dog, Piper. He also enjoys spending time cooking, though has been told that he should leave the baking to others!