Sarah Ladin


Speech-Language Pathology

Sarah_Ladin headshot photo with white wood background.
Sarah lived in New Zealand for a semester. She is currently learning how to golf and is having fun attempting to learn hand-eye coordination. Sarah doesn’t like chocolate milk but loves chocolate.

Sarah earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Speech Language Pathology at UW-Madison. Academically, Sarah has a background in various types of research related to Speech Language Pathology. This research focused on language and cognitive neuroscience as well as quantifying and objectifying different aspects of swallowing physiology. Clinically, Sarah has experience in a wide variety of disorder areas and is most passionate about feeding and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) interventions. She enjoys helping children build positive and joyful relationships with food as well supporting and/or providing a means of communication for children through AAC systems. During her therapy sessions, you will see Sarah playing with kids at their level, whether that is on the floor or with other adaptations to incorporate their unique needs. You will most likely hear some giggling spells and see lots of smiles intertwined with rich learning. Sarah is so happy to be a part of the CI team and loves working with children and their families to provide holistic, client/family-centered treatment. In her free time, she enjoys water and snow skiing, rollerblading, hiking, skateboarding, golfing, boating, crocheting, and crafting.