Stacey Duncan


Occupational Therapy

Stacey_Duncan 2022 headshot photo with white wood background
Stacey studied in Costa Rica for a month. She has a pet Russian Tortoise named Yoshi. Stacey has met Tom Hanks, the actor!

Stacey received her bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. While attending UW-Madison, she worked as an ABA therapy provider in the Madison area which is what inspired her to go into the field of occupational therapy. Stacey received her Occupational Therapy Assistant degree from Madison College. Since joining the team at CI, Stacey has gained expereince in interoception, emotional and sensory regulation as well as joining the feeding team. In her spare time, Stacey enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading and crafting with her Cricut machine.