Sydnie Waschbisch

Sydnie can lick her elbow, has always wanted to travel to Alaska, and she loves to bake and cook!

Sydnie is a graduate from the Occupational Therapy Assistant program at Madison College. Previous to her education Sydnie was a head counselor at Camp Fire Ministries, where she provided support for Children needing additional care and lead all art activities. She also currently works at her church located in Sauk City as the Children’s Ministry Director, where she incorporates OT minded activities to provide a full experience for children of all ages. Her special training includes a certificate in Bal-A-Vis-X, which targets full body coordination, visual tracking, fine motor control, rhythm, attention and behavior. Sydnie is very passionate about working with children and is over joyed to be providing care to the children that attend CI. When not working She enjoys hiking, playing with her Dog and spending time with her nieces and nephews!