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The CI Way

Our Mission

At CI, it is our honor, duty and mission to provide exceptional care to our children and families. Our clients, their families and the CI team members quickly build lasting relationships! [This is quite honestly one of our favorite parts of our work!] The CI Team is here to make therapy fun, functional and specific to the needs of each child and family! We make therapy FUN but we still recognize that our kiddos are working on some tough stuff as they crush each goal and then continue to take on the next one ahead. We are amazed, humbled and inspired by the kiddos we work with and their resilience. When you enter the doors of a CI clinic, we hope you feel the following mission alive and well each and every day!

The CI Way Diversity Sign

Our Mission

CI is committed to providing a comprehensive support system for individuals with special needs and their families through the highest quality services available. CI believes that all individuals should have access to tools that help enable and empower them to reach their greatest potential in all areas and that compassion shared with each family member is an essential component of a meaningful experience and maximal therapeutic gains. Our team of passionate and qualified therapists are dedicated to addressing the unique needs of each child. Our mission is to provide the most effective therapy possible by remaining:


We understand that kids learn best through play and we strive to maintain a fun, playful environment where our client’s imagination can run wild.


We focus on strengths and areas of interest to motivate and empower our clients. We work hard to find out what our clients love doing and we find ways to incorporate their passions into therapy sessions.

Family Centered

We address the needs of each client in the context of their family. We aim to develop a close relationship with caregivers and siblings, and family members are always invited to participate in therapy sessions.


We believe that our clients do better when we collaborate. CI therapists work closely with one another and with other providers in the community who work with our clients, including teachers, behavioral therapists, physicians, and mental health providers.


We value staying informed about the latest research and evidence to ensure we’re providing the best care possible.